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My 2020 TV Series, on Netflix and Elsewhere

Patrick’s blog sup­ple­ment­al. Have you ever checked your view­ing his­tory on Net­flix or whatever else you turn to for enter­tain­ment on telly? I have, so here’s a list of all the new TV series I watched in 2020. It’s more than usu­al, on top of everything else that went down.

Hannah New as Eleanor Guthrie in Black Sails.

Suits Is Real

As an object of my fan ador­a­tion. Ah, the enter­tain­ment. You have to love Suits, the TV series, and the par­al­lel uni­verse it cre­ates. Someone on the inter­net called it shal­low. Well, yeah, it isn’t Dostoyevsky, but who wants to read Rus­si­an lit­er­at­ure all the time!?

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