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Panic Over New WhatsApp Policy?

A friend sent me this piece about WhatsApp’s new pri­vacy policy, ask­ing for my take on it: ‘Expert: No need to pan­ic over new What­s­App policy’.

All right, in brief, here’s my take.

The WhatsApp logo with a Facebook F in it instead of the original phone receiver.

Guerrilla Tactics in Arbitration

I don’t like how we use the term guer­rilla tac­tics in inter­na­tion­al arbit­ra­tion. Refer­ring to guer­rilla dis­ap­prov­ingly implies meth­ods of tra­di­tion­al war­fare are alright. Artil­lery or old-school tac­tic­al form­a­tions – okay. Sneaky ambushes or hit-and-run attacks – not okay.

Japanese premises at night, approached by ninjas
The Place of the Hear­ing at Night

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