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The Efficient Breach of Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are described as self-executing: how they are formed is how they will be performed. This is why some of us see no (or at least less) room for legal dispute over them.

It shouldn’t be this way. Where it’s efficient, it should be possible to breach a smart contract. Even though this may lead to a legal dispute.

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The Arts and the Law in Singapore

Last Friday we were celebrating the official opening of our new office, arts and entertainment law firm that we are. This is the speech I gave before the party took off.

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The other day someone called me a legal maverick. 🙂

German Singapore law lawyer dispute resolution arbitration Singapur Schiedsrecht

The good people of Asia Law Network have published this little piece of mine on conflicts within small businesses. It’s here.

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The Art of Walking a Fine and Golden Line

Last Friday Priyageetha Dia’s golden staircase at Jalan Rajah appeared in my Facebook newsfeed. Amazed, I decided to see it with my own eyes. Fortunately the weekend was nigh.

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Smartifying Blockchains, Legally

Yes, blockchain technology can do things which conventional ledgers or registers cannot do. A few days ago I argued that this didn’t mean blockchain should replace traditional ways of recording legal transactions wholesale. Traditional ways of recording legal transactions embed functions which blockchains don’t embed yet. Where the law demands it or wherever else it makes sense we should think about implementing them.

Here’s in more detail what I had in mind.

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Blockchain: the Roll of Deeds of the Internet

After reading Caitlin Moon’s instructive blog Blockchain 101 for Lawyers I commented that we should think of it as a cybernotary who can authenticate—everything.

Ive changed my mind.

For the avoidance of doubt, I’m all for catchy analogies. They help understand much of what’s going on in cyberspace. Even better than a catchy analogy, though, is an analogy that’s catchy and apt.

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How Do We Resolve Disputes? What’s with Those Algorithms?

This really very long and quasi-academic post is based on a speech I gave to MBA students of the Management Development Institute of Singapore sometime in 2016. Subject: how do we resolve disputes and what borders, geographical or otherwise, do we cross in doing so? Borders and otherwise, geddit, I was talking about dispute resolution in cyberspace and algorithms.

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